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    Press Release – State-of-the-Art Steinborn REALTORS HQ Opens on Roadrunner


    Press Release – State-of-the-Art Steinborn REALTORS HQ Opens on Roadrunner

    September 28th, 2005

    From wireless Internet access for visitors and staff alike to a cardio/resistance fitness center for employees, Steinborn/GMAC Real Estate’s new corporate headquarters offers the best of twenty-first century business amenities. In addition to Steinborn REALTORS, the new 24,000-square-foot two-story offices in the Bank of the West Plaza on Roadrunner also house Steinborn Mortgage Company, a branch of the Doña Ana Title Company, and a real estate training center large enough for ninety students.

    “The reason we built this building where we built it is because we’re a people-service business,” explained David M. Steinborn, president of Steinborn REALTORS. “After several years of looking at the community for the right location, we decided this is the center of where the majority of people are going to be relocating for the next twenty years,” Steinborn said. Steinborn REALTORS Associate Broker Grady Oxford agreed, “You almost don’t realize how much this side of town is hopping until you get here. Everything’s moving to the east.”

    Every aspect of the building was built with real estate in mind. Agent work stations offer on-the-go quick real estate agents and readily available phone and computer access. Eleven conference rooms, including one with a panoramic floor-to-ceiling view of the Organ Mountains, provide space for meetings of any size. Downstairs, the dedicated “sign room” offers indoor, climate-controlled storage for For Sale signs, saving frozen fingers from prying Sold stickers off signs stored outdoors in the winter. There’s even a sink, “where you can wash the sign, so if it got real dirty, you can clean it,” Steinborn said.

    Today’s technology is evident throughout the offices. Two separate network hubs broadcast wireless Internet access, with one hub dedicated to the ninety-seat training center, Southern New Mexico’s largest privately owned real estate training facility. Lights turn off and on via motion sensors, and thermostats automatically adjust to body heat, so an individual office “turns off” when its occupant leaves. Individual agent phone numbers link directly to round-the-clock private voice mail if an agent is unavailable, so callers need not get an answering service or worse yet, no answer at all.

    Perhaps the strongest advantage that Steinborn agents and their customers gain from the new headquarters is the collegial atmosphere built from combining staff from the former headquarters in the Downtown Mall and the former East Side office on Doral Court. As a real estate transaction coordinator, Jamie Cushing, who has worked with Steinborn REALTORS for twenty-two years, makes sure interim deadlines get met so sales sail smoothly to closing. The new, combined offices mean she gets more face time with her clients, other agents, every day. And for those agents’ customers, the new office, including Steinborn Mortgage and Doña Ana Title Company is “all inclusive. Someone can get their loan here, get their REALTOR, and close it. It’s a one-stop shop,” Cushing said.

    Oxford and his customers take advantage of the new office’s location in the Bank of the West Plaza by meeting regularly in the Plaza’s upscale Pepper Mill restaurant. Midwesterners may detect a familiar look to the Bank of the West Plaza; it borrows its eclectic architecture from the Plaza in Kansas City, America’s oldest shopping center. While the Bank of the West Plaza is not an exact replica of Kansas City’s, it shares “the shapes and the textures and the angles and the feel and the colors and the fact that it moves like it’s fifteen different buildings instead of one building,” Steinborn said.

    David M. Steinborn got his start in the real estate business in 1959, founding Steinborn REALTORS eight years later. From its first office in a motel lobby on West Picacho in 1967 to its new corporate flagship in the Bank of the West Plaza, Steinborn Inc., REALTORS/GMAC Real Estate has consistently led the Las Cruces real estate market. Steinborn REALTORS is proud to help agents build their careers with Southern New Mexico’s most extensive real estate training program.

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