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    Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley Weather

    Whether you’re interested in working, playing, attending school, or retiring in the Mesilla Valley, you’ll appreciate the mild weather Las Cruces offers virtually year round.

    First, there’s the sunshine–about 330 days of it every year. The construction industry stays busy year round.  Equally important, we’re able to play all the time, too, whether the sport of choice is golf, hiking, biking, horseback riding, or shopping. Stormy weather is rare and is usually concentrated in July, August, and September. Rainstorms here create beautiful vistas and a wonderfully unique smell that you’ll have to experience for yourself. Annual precipitation totals less than 12 inches, including both rain and the rare snowfall. And because of our high elevation and typical sunny days, the aftermath of storms disappears quickly.

    Winter temperatures are mild, with highs of about 60 degrees, and lows hovering around freezing. If you simply must see snow, a quick trip to the neighboring mountains of Cloudcroft or Ruidoso is just the ticket.

    Spring and Fall are spectacular in the Mesilla Valley, with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees. These seasons also bring interesting events because of the agriculture in the area:  planting in the spring, and the aromatic chile harvest and roasting in the fall.

    And although you’ve heard it before, the Summers here are “a dry heat” and not to the extremes found in neighboring states that rhyme with Parizona and Hevada. Elephant Butte Lake provides a terrifically refreshing break if the heat gets to you, and it’s just 1.5 hours away.